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Tue May 1 06:40:59 UTC 2007

It should work alright, you'll need to use CPUTYPE?=k8 in make.conf
Also you'll need powernow! Patch otherwise your laptop will hang,
email me please off list to send you the powernow! patch was created
by FreeBSD dev.

On 5/1/07, David Kalliecharan <davidkallie at> wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I seem to run into a snag, I am going to buy a laptop for school work as I
> my Laptop currently has become useless as I need to use Matlab/octave for
> developing and opengl is a requirement for 3d mapping for creating visuals
> (I would like to have Opengl to take advantage of this), the Ati driver does
> not work, in a previous e-mail I found out that my chipset was no longer
> supported by Ati (xpress 200m)
> The new laptop will have an Nvida Graphics cards (geforce go 6150 not much
> better in specs but will do the job I need) The problem is that all of the
> laptops that at this time are supporting Nvidia in my area all seem to be
> AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual cores and AMD Turion 64 mobile.
> The question is does FreeBSD have any problems with the install on Dual core
> using the i386 install disk? If not what about setting the make.conf file
> for compiling Applications? I am used to using gentoo linux to do things and
> am having a hard time finding this information, I know its similar but I
> want to make sure its up and running properly, also Does anyone know how the
> Geforce Go 6150 runs using the laest 1.0-9xxx series driver in the ports
> tree?. So if anyone can point me in the right direction of installing
> FreeBSD within the next few days on a Dual Core (if there any snags or not
> using FreeBSD-6.2 stable) I would greatly appreciate it!
> --
> Dave
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