Cannot get widescreen resolution on my Dell 6400 laptop

Sherry Zhang yuleopen at
Sun Oct 29 10:04:00 UTC 2006

Hello everyone:

I am running freebsd 6.1 release on my Dell 6400 laptop computer. It has a
1280x800 wide-screen resolution. The video card I use is ATI Radeon Mobility
X1300. But I failed to adjust the screen resolution. I follow the
instructions in the FreeBSD handbook, but failed.

First I add  "1280x800" into Modes, but still 1024x768
Later I add Virtual 1280 800 just after the Modes, X mass up the screen, I
can not see anything.
Last, I run gtf and get a ModeLine, and added into the xorg.conf, and also
use Modes "1280x800", and again it display in 1024x768.

The drive I use is vesa because when I use radeon or ati, I cannot get into
it says glx not found or something and guess ati or radeon driver does not
support my X1300 video card.

can anyone gives me a hint? thx.

Sherry Zhang

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