Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at ijs.si
Tue Sep 20 13:02:37 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 20 of September 2005 16:20, Rostislav Krasny wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm testing FreeBSD 6.0-BETA5 with Xorg now. The version of the
> xorg-printserver is 6.8.2_1. I see an error message on system boot and
> system shutdown that looks like following:
> Local package initialization:
> /usr/X11R6/etc/rc.d/xprint.sh: ## FATAL ERROR: No POSIX-shell found.
> I've found your correspondence with Rong-En Fan and I think your fix
> was wrong because this script isn't rc.d compatible and should not be
> run directly and unconditionally.

Yes indeed it was wrong. Thanks for reporting!

> IMHO the right fix is writing a new 
> rc.d compatible xprint.sh script (like xfs.sh) that will check a
> "xprint_enable" variable and call the original xprint script with
> appropriate parameter(s). I think the $1 parameter of the original
> xprint script should always be "posix_sh_forced". This parameter
> should fix the "No POSIX-shell found" error.

For now I modified port so it installs xprint.sh.sample file which should not 
be automatically executed. But you are right, the proper long term fix is to 
actually make it work and to do it in rcNG style. I'll eventually try to do 
that, but feel free to beat me to it :)


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