'interesting' problem with DRI on Radeon-280RV

Mikhail T. mi at aldan.algebra.com
Sun Oct 16 14:52:50 PDT 2005

Hi, Eric!

After a long time of not using DRI/GLX, I decided to try again today.

The video card is

drm0: <ATI Radeon RV280 9200 SE> port 0x9000-0x90ff mem 0xc0000000-0xcfffffff,0xbe4f0000-0xbe4fffff irq 17 at device 5.0 on pci2
info: [drm] Initialized radeon 1.16.0 20050311 on minor 0

This is a PCI Radeon in a FreeBSD-6RC1/amd64. When the X-server starts, it says:

	error: [drm:pid731:drm_ati_pcigart_cleanup] *ERROR* no scatter/gather memory!
	error: [drm:pid731:radeon_do_cleanup_cp] *ERROR* failed to cleanup PCI GART!
	error: [drm:pid731:drm_ati_pcigart_cleanup] *ERROR* no scatter/gather memory!
	error: [drm:pid731:radeon_do_cleanup_cp] *ERROR* failed to cleanup PCI GART!
	info: [drm] Loading R200 Microcode
	drm0: [MPSAFE]

After installing the graphics/dri-devel, I can get glxinfo to report
'Direct Rendering: Yes' and the glxgears spin pretty fast (without using

However, when the first OpenGL program starts, my two Xinerama-joined
displays begin showing the same picture. The picture is that, which is
supposed to be displayed on the left one, which is connected to the
analog connector of the video card. Everything, except the cursor.

The server does not realize this, of course -- when the cursor travels on
the right side, it changes shape and/or color according to the windows,
that are supposed to display there.

You can find the usually requested details at:

	http://aldan.algebra.com:8015/~mi/dmesg.boot	(verbose)

Any comments? Thank you very much!


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