[FreeBSD Ports Version Check] Newer available versions for ports you maintain

Edwin Groothuis edwin at FreeBSD.org
Tue Oct 4 14:51:55 PDT 2005

Dear x11 at FreeBSD.org,

As maintainer of one or more FreeBSD ports, I would like to inform
you that a new version is available for the following port(s):

Port                                           Current version New version URLs
---------------------------------------------- --------------- ----------- ----
x11-servers/xorg-server-snap            [1]

Please keep in mind that...

- the check was only done in relation to the current version, so
  it is possible that the new version is not the newest version
  available on the master sites.

- the full check of all ports takes more than two days, so it is
  possible that a new version is already commited. In that case,
  please ignore this email.

- this is the only time you will get an alert about the above
  mentioned port versions on the below mentioned URLs. When the
  port version is updated, a check will again be done for it. When
  a new URL with a newer version is found, a check will be done for
  it again.

- Not interested in further alerts? Send me the email address you
  are received it on for a full block, or the name of the port for
  a port-only block, or the name of a host for a host-only block.

- An overview of all newly discovered distfiles can be found at
  http://edwin.adsl.barnet.com.au/~edwin/ports/. The page keeps
  unchanged until the next run.

[1]   http://xorg.freedesktop.org/snapshots/xorg-x11-

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