Bringing snapshot 16 on board

Marcin Cieslak saper at SYSTEM.PL
Mon Oct 3 15:32:36 PDT 2005

Hello everyone,

I was playing around a bit with recent snapshots and so-called ATI
superpatch in order to get TV-out working on my ATI Technologies Inc M9+
5C61 [Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP)] card.

Thanks to existing x11-servers/xorg-server-snap port, I was able to
start pretty quickly. However it's time to give results back and I
started playing with the port to upgrade it to the newest snapshot.

My current patch is there:

I have a question that require deeper knowledge of the X server internal

1. Makefile generation process complains that BuildLibraries variable is
already defined in line 169 (to YES) and gets redefined in local
host.def generated by the FreeBSD configure script.
Looks like we set

BuildServersOnly to YES
BuildXFree86ConfigTools to YES

and therefore BuildLibrariesForConfigTools gets set to YES and the
BuildLibraries gets redefined.

What is the correct setting for our port? Should we manually override
BuildLibrariesForConfigTools to "NO"?

2. Do you think there is a way to get this port testable using
porttools? I tried to do that but without X libs installed in porttools
temporary directory it does not work (I would need to point additionaly
to $X11BASE/lib and $X11BASE/include files in additionally to
$PREFIX/include and $PREFIX/lib).

Is there some easy solution to this?

              << Marcin Cieslak // saper at >>

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