nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 problem on FreeBSD4.9

Yuri Grebenkin rainbreath at hotpop.com
Sun Feb 29 08:32:57 PST 2004

Hi. I've bought a ATI Radion 9000 64Mb and now I'm happy! It runs movies 
of any kind with postprocessing. I've already tested it by running Quake2 
and Quake3arena with Wine under FreeBSD 4.9. They both are looking more 
alive than under Windows with nVidia TNT2! Even more if you believe top, 
60% of CPU is idle while playing Quake2 with Wine! (Coppermine 900, heated 
to 1008MHz, 112MHz external)

If someone interested here is as I configured the card under FreeBSD 4.9:
1) I had very messed XF86Config after my failed attempts to set up nVidia 
TNT2 (I will sell it to hell). So I recreated one with /stand/sysinstall 
-> Configure -> XFree86 -> xf86cfg -textmode. I prefer text mode 
configuration. The string ''Driver "something"'' substituted with ''Driver 
2) Included ''device radeondrm'' in my kernel config and ensured that 
''device agp'' is there too. Recompiled and installed a new kernel. (I 
like the way of this in FreeBSD!)
3) That's all.

If someone has any suggestions or remarks then please email me.

rainbreath at hotpop.com

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