xinerama setup on kde 3.1.4

Marco Trentini mark at
Wed Feb 4 03:00:35 PST 2004

On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 08:06:57PM -0500, Louis Munro wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to setup KDE to display in full xinerama on my new computer. I have
> an nvidia GFX5600 which is capable of displaying on two monitors (I've got
> it working with windows Xp) but I can't seems to get it right on FreeBSD: 
> X only displays on one monitor and just blanks out the other. So I have a few
> questions:
> --Do I have to compile Xfree86 with some special arguments to enable xinerama?
> I installed it from the cd (4.9 stable, world remade about a week ago). 
> --Does KDE 3.1.4 support xinerama? Do I have to do anything special to enable 
> it?
> --I haven't found all that much information about configuring xinerama. Have I 
> missed anything? 
> I'm appending my XFree86config so you guys can tell me if it's something in 
> there that's incorrect.

The freebsd port nvidia-driver provides a better driver
support that XFree86 to many nvidia card.
It supports also TWINVIEW:

<from README>
TwinView is a mode of operation where two display devices (digital
flat panels, CRTs, and TVs) can display the contents of a single X screen
in any arbitrary configuration.  This method of multiple monitor use
has several distinct advantages over other techniques (such as Xinerama):

  o A single X screen is used.  The NVIDIA driver conceals all
    information about multiple display devices from the X server; as
    far as X is concerned, there is only one screen.

  o Both display devices share one frame buffer.  Thus, all the
    the functionality present on a single display (e.g. accelerated
    OpenGL) is available on TwinView.

  o No additional overhead is needed to emulate having a single
</from README>

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