net80211: why we ca'nt use the net80211 taskqueue for everything

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Sun Jan 24 20:22:45 UTC 2016


andriy has a few reviews out that tidy up some things, which I'd reply
to, but .. reviews is offline. So, here's the 30 second version:

* the net80211 taskqueue runs the software scan engine, and the
software scan engine currently sleeps whilst it's running.

This means that if you put newstate, deferred transmit, etc into the
net80211 taskqueue, then it just won't run during scan.

The net80211 software scan thing should be modified to not sleep
whilst it's waiting for scan results and instead just kick off another
timer event to finish that part of the loop. Then yes, we can just
migrate * to the net80211 task queue and use it for all serialisation
of a wifi driver.

(And yes, I'd like to see that done ASAP..)



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