[CFT] Ralink RT2860, RT2870, RT3060, RT3090 support

Bernhard Schmidt bschmidt at freebsd.org
Thu May 3 16:53:43 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

As some of you might know there has been some work going on porting
support for new Ralink chipsets from OpenBSD. Several different
drivers where floating around but nothing seemed to be decent enough
to be committed. ray@ and I had been working on cleaning up one of
those to get it into a good enough shape, but abandoned this approach
as it resulted in more work than starting from scratch.

So, attached diff [1] is a from-scratch effort to port over support
for the new chipsets. It doesn't contain fancy stuff like 802.11n
support as of yet (this will be worked one once the legacy stuff is
in HEAD), nonetheless it showed pretty decent performance during the
basic sta/adhoc/hostap tests I've done.

I'd appreciate testing and feedback ;)

The diff requires HEAD due to the firmware being available only there,
though, if there are enough requests, I might consider looking into
getting it merged to 9. (Simply pulling sys/modules/ralfw/ and
sys/contrib/dev/ral/ from HEAD might be enough I guess.)

[1] http://techwires.net/~bschmidt/rt2860.diff

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