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On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 2:30 PM, Luan Hospodarsky
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> Hi,
> I already tried ndis and the module it generated did not work.
> But I don't know anything about a ndis patch, can you tell me more about it?
> Replace the device is still an alternative, but I want to avoid it the max possible.
> I have never written a driver, but I could try. Do you have anything to share that can help me give the first steps writing a driver?
> Thanks.
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>> > Hi Adrian,
>> > Thanks for the reply,
>> >
>> > So is there some work about it?
>> > It is great! If you find anything, let me know!
>> > Thanks again.
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>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I think there's been some recent work to get this chipset support into shape but I don't know wehre it lives or whether the driver is in a workable setup.
>> >
>> > Does anyone know anything further?
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Adrian
>> >
>> > On 29 January 2012 13:24, LuX - I like you <ironfall_blindguardian at> wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Hello, I'm Luan and I'm a newer FreeBSD Lover.
>> >
>> > I am having a problem and I have found no answer anywhere, but I hope you can give me a light.
>> >
>> > My notebook has an integrated wireless card (Realtek 8188ce) and the Realtek site provides drivers only for Windows and Linux.
>> >
>> > I had read the FreeBSD manual, asked for help in the forum and in the IRC ##freebsd, but unfortunately nobody could help me.
>> >
>> > My conclusion is that such driver does not exist in FreeBSD.
>> >
>> > Is there any projects to port such driver from Linux (I guess OpenBSD has that driver as well, so the porting could be less painful) or some compatible driver to this device?
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance.
>> >
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>> >
>> > Luan Hospodarsky
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>> 1. You could try ndis. It did not work for me, but a patch to ndis
>> looks like it may have fixed the problem.
>> 2. The other option is to replace the card. What brand of laptop is
>> it? Levovo locks down the wireless and will not boot with any card but
>> one they sold. I believe HP does the same. I had to buy a card with
>> the Lenovo PCI ID to get it to work. I found it from a place that was
>> in Germany,  but the card was shipped from Tel Aviv.  It cost about 3
>> times what a generic Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 would have cost.
>> :-(
>> You might be able to re-write the PCI ID on a standard Intel card, but
>> I could not figure out how to do it. You can also patch the BIOS, but
>> that make future BIOS upgrades a real problem.
>> 3. Write a driver
>> --

If the documentation for the interface is available, it's not too
hard, but from what I've seen, wireless is one of the trickier ones.
While I hope someone gets around to writing one, even with the Linux
driver to work from, I don't think I'd want to try it. It's been years
since I last wrote a driver and it was not on FreeBSD, so I am not the
best source of an opinion.

Sorry ndis failed. It cause my system to panic when it loaded the
module, but a patch to NDIS to fix either my problems or something
very similar was committed to HEAD several months ago and should be in
9.0 and maybe even 8.2. Sounds unlikely to fix the problem.

If you don't have a Lenovo or HP, swapping is easy and supported
half-height mini-PCIe cards are in the 20-25 USD range from multiple
vendors. I know it's annoying to have to do it, but it is probably the
only way you will get wireless on that system in even reasonably soon.
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