Realtek 8188ce driver

LuX - I like you ironfall_blindguardian at
Sun Jan 29 21:36:28 UTC 2012

Hello, I'm Luan and I'm a newer FreeBSD Lover.
I am having a problem and I have found no answer anywhere, but I hope you can give me a light.
My notebook has an integrated wireless card (Realtek 8188ce) and the Realtek site provides drivers only for Windows and Linux.
I had read the FreeBSD manual, asked for help in the forum and in the IRC ##freebsd, but unfortunately nobody could help me.
My conclusion is that such driver does not exist in FreeBSD.
Is there any projects to port such driver from Linux (I guess OpenBSD has that driver as well, so the porting could be less painful) or some compatible driver to this device?
Thanks in advance.
Luan Hospodarsky

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