ath "stops working" in hostap mode

Adrian Chadd adrian.chadd at
Sun Jan 1 20:48:50 UTC 2012


Can you please wrap up all the attachments and stuff you've sent me
and submit a PR for this?

It looks like another noisy air problem. Or, something is configuring
the radio in a way that completely messes up the noise.
Try setting dev.ath.0.hal.force_full_reset to 1 if you're running
-HEAD. Although I'm still not convinced I've done the "full reset"
code entirely right..

Basically, some of the PHY parameters don't seem to be fully reset
after a warm reset - they require a cold reset. I've noticed this on
the AR9280, where things will get sufficiently upset as to force a
storm of stuck beacons to appear. The only thing that fixes it is a
complete power down and up of the PHY/radio, which we can do inside
software. (We can't power down a few things on the NIC, but we can
reset enough things for the RF issues to clear up.)

There's another potential bug with the ANI code and how the PHY
registers are read. It has the potential to make garbage choices and
program in some terrible values to the signal detection/size/level PHY
registers. I haven't yet sat down to write the solution to that. I
really should. :)

So please, file a PR so I don't forget to chase this stuff down.


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