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Mon Sep 18 15:37:17 PDT 2006

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When creating a new vuxml entry, it can be difficult to get the 
package name correct.   To help this process, I've created a page 
that lists the vuxml entries and the packages they affect.

By clicking on the links next to the vuln entry, you should be able 
to spot any errors in the package names.  This is only on the BEA 
site for now.  Hope this helps.  Please make suggestions.

In addition, you can search for ports by package name at  Indeed, you should be able to 
search by just about any port field that can be grabbed via "make -
V".  If you don't see the search option listed that you would like, 
please suggest it.

Note: Determining the package name for a port is not a science.  
There will be false negatives because of this.

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