possible wrong date in 4a0b334d-8d8d-11d9-afa0-003048705d5a

Xin LI delphij at frontfree.net
Mon Mar 7 15:34:07 GMT 2005

在 2005-03-07一的 22:41 +0800,Kang Liu写道:
> Hi,
> 	The discovery date of 4a0b334d-8d8d-11d9-afa0-003048705d5a might be
> wrong. I've told delphij (the submitter of that entry), while he said that
> date came from the original source. But, as we all know, 2005 is not leap
> year, actually there is no Feb 29th 2005...I think it could be better if we
> change it to Feb 28th 2005.

Thanks for noticing this.  I'm aware of the issue, but it is the
official version claims Feb 29th:

And my letter has been bounced before I have decided to commit it as-is.

I'm inclined in keeping it there until some of us can *actually* contact
the author to confirm the discovery date.  Replacing an official (while
it appears to be wrong) date with a guessed value (we will never know if
it is or is not wrong, and I personally infer it should be March 1st) is
more or less pointless.

BTW.  What's your opinion about the fix?  Without having a correct
filtering of user input, one can launch XSS attacks which poses users in

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