VuXML entries found in FreshPorts

Dan Langille dan at
Mon Sep 27 20:13:29 PDT 2004

The following URL lists the VuXML found in FreshPorts:

The first column is the name of the package and a link to the
vuln listing at  If there is more than one
vuln, you get a list of the vulns.

The second column is the number of vulns registered against that

The third column is the link to the FreshPorts entry for this package.

The totals at the bottom of the page include only those vulns that affect
a package (i.e. OS-specific vulns are not recorded in FreshPorts).

The next step in comparing vuln.xml against FreshPorts is to compare the
above URL with

I have compared the two lists visually.  I didn't find anything that would
make me think FreshPorts isn't displaying everything correctly.

A few random checks shows expected results (e.g. opera, netscape7,

The more eyes that can check the results, the better.  If you are familiar
with a particular vulnerability, I would appreciate feedback regarding the


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