vuln.xml *is* XML (was Re: vuln.xml is not XML)

Dan Langille dan at
Sun Sep 12 07:23:32 PDT 2004

On 30 Aug 2004 at 20:25, Jacques Vidrine wrote:

> AFAIK, XML::Node is based on XML::Parser which is based on expat. 
> expat supports namespaces perfectly well, so it is surprising if the
> Perl modules built on top of it do not.

The VuXML parsing script has been completed.  The work was done by 
Matthew Seaman.

Yesterday I finished adding database update code to his work.  
FreshPorts BETA now has VuXML data.  The next step is is mark commits 
as related to to a VuXML entry and that will enable us to provide a 

An example can be found at

We also have to get PORTEPOCH stored.

Dan Langille :

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