FreshPorts and linking URLs by package name

Dan Langille dan at
Wed Nov 17 05:19:29 PST 2004

Hi folks,

beta FreshPorts has a special linking mechanism... will show you the package 
ABC. However, I just noticed that this code uses LATEST_LINK, not 
PKGNAME. I think the code is wrong.

I'm asking for comments here because this linking mechanism was 
designed with VuXML in mind.

I found the issue when looking up ruby.  Here is what the database 
says: select id, name, category, latest_link, package_name 
from ports_active where package_name = 'ruby' or latest_link
= 'ruby';
  id   |  name  | category | latest_link | package_name
 10419 | ruby18 | lang     | ruby-devel  | ruby
 10838 | ruby16 | lang     | ruby        | ruby
(2 rows)

As you can see, latest_link differs for each port, but the package 
name is the same.  Therefore, I think that when you browse to, you should be asked which 
ruby you want.

I have made that change in FreshPorts beta (this feature is not yet 
available in production).  Any suggestions/comments, thanks.
Dan Langille :
BSDCan - The Technical BSD Conference -

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