[Bug 231117] bhyve: I/O lockups inside guests

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Tue May 7 18:26:53 UTC 2019


--- Comment #22 from Mateusz Kwiatkowski <kwiat3k at panic.pl> ---
(In reply to Rodney W. Grimes from comment #21)
> How much memory are your VM's using?  Ie, what is the total of all the VM's you have > running at any time?  How much total memory does the system have?

VMs may use 8GBs of RAM in total. Hypervisor has 64GB in total. So VMs and ARC
could create OOM condition but the statistics I provided were taken at the
moment when one of the VMs hang. I'll reduce arc_max anyway to 8GB to make sure
this isn't the cause.

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