[Bug 239118] in ESXi: Panic in ether_output_frame

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Wed Jul 31 15:27:42 UTC 2019


--- Comment #7 from Marius Strobl <marius at FreeBSD.org> ---
I'd say that with an INTx-type interrupt or a single MSI vector, i. e. all the
"legacy" interrupt support iflib is about, there's just no other way than to
operate in combined RXTX mode (as opposed to multiple MSI-X vectors which can
be associated to either RX or TX on a per-vector basis).
Thus, - as actually already written in my private e-mail to pkelsey@ and the
submitter on June 25th - I fully agree with markj@ analysis that
vmxnet3_isc_txd_credits_update() currently isn't reentrant as well as with his
fix (I'd probably code it to be more in line with the index updating in
vmxnet3_isc_rxd_available(), though).
However, as I also already wrote in said e-mail, on top of that it isn't
obvious to me that it's safe to update txc->vxcr_next and txc->vxcr_gen
non-atomically/lockless since r343291 dropped the locking around these

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