New video BIOS for bhyve

Henrik Gulbrandsen henrik at
Fri Jul 19 15:41:05 UTC 2019

On 2019-07-19 16:43, Matthew Grooms wrote:
>> There was already a video BIOS with dormant support for VGA, but I 
>> could
>> not use that, because the X11 int10 module runs a real-mode x86 
>> emulator
>> that aborts when it tries to enter the C code running in protected 
>> mode.
> I wonder if this could be related to your CPU not supporting
> unrestricted guest mode? I know it's required for some bhyve
> functionality.

No, the int10 module runs the BIOS code on a software CPU.
Protected mode is simply not implemented.

> Are you maintaining your changes in a public repo somewhere?

Not at the moment. Without distributed version control, I figured the
version history would be lost anyway, so I simply took daily snapshots
of the main BIOS file. The remaining changes are mostly small things.


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