bhyve fails on arm64 -- unknown exception type

Kamil Koczurek kek at
Mon Jul 15 10:16:51 UTC 2019

I'm testing bhyve on an arm64 board, and it fails on a basic use case.

  - board: EspressoBin
  - FreeBSD 13.0

Steps to reproduce:
  $ kldload vmm
  $ cd /boot/kernel
  $ bhyveload -k kernel guest
  $ bhyve guest

The following error appears almost instantly:
  `arm64_handle_world_switch:534 Unknown exception type: 1514243680`

After this, the board stops responding and requires a hard reset.
Debugger doesn't kick in either. It's not completely frozen though: I
can see new kernel messages regarding the attached usb drive.

I believe this might be interesting to people working on bhyve.

Ps. I can collect additional information if needed, feel free to
contact me either here or privately.

Kamil Koczurek

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