Bhyve serial terminal server

Paul Vixie paul at
Wed Jul 3 20:19:25 UTC 2019

i use rtty for this. it's in ports.

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On 3 Jul 2019, 12:46, at 12:46, Eric van Gyzen <vangyzen at> wrote:
>I would like to expose bhyve serial consoles over TCP sockets, like
>terminal servers do for hardware serial ports.  Is there any
>software to do this?
>I found ports/comms/conserver-com, which is /almost/ what I want.  I
>want the client to simply connect to a TCP port and get direct,
>immediate access to the guest console associated with that port.  Can
>conserver do this?  We have lots of infrastructure and tooling built
>around this model, and I'd rather avoid modifying it to support the
>conserver model.
>Thanks in advance for any advice.
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