sysutils/docker-freebsd: Searching for people to help

Pete Wright pete at
Tue Feb 26 17:57:05 UTC 2019

On 2/26/19 6:40 AM, Jochen Neumeister wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> Currently @decke and I are working on the update of the port. We try 
> to change it completely to moby, and then of course, that the port is 
> working properly.
> For this we are still looking for people who want to work on this very 
> large update, or later can test the work.
> If you want, you can get it on Freenode on IRC #freebsd-docker. We try 
> to coordinate it there.
(sorry if dupe, first message seemed to get filtered out)

Is there a source code repository that is being used for this work?

thanks in advance!

Pete Wright
pete at

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