NVMe and Bhyve

Victor Sudakov vas at sibptus.ru
Mon Feb 18 01:09:05 UTC 2019

Jason Tubnor wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Feb 2019 at 02:58, Victor Sudakov <vas at mpeks.tomsk.su> wrote:
> >
> > Or at least please tell me how I can attach another iso image (with
> > drivers) when running "vm install myhost windows.iso"
> Technically, you should be able to define something like:
> disk1_type="ahci-cd"
> disk1_name="virtio-win-0.1.164.iso"
> disk1_dev="file"
> in the vm.conf file if the virtio-win-0.1.164.iso is located in
> /vm/servername/ directory.

Well, disk0 will be the guest HDD to install to, disk1 will be the ISO with
drivers, and which disk will be the ISO attached by the "vm install"

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