[Bug 225791] ena driver causing kernel panics on AWS EC2

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Wed Oct 31 11:03:37 UTC 2018


--- Comment #27 from Richard Paul <richard at primarysite.net> ---

That is not this issue and has been rectified already in v12.  v12 should be
out in December and this problem will go away for you (and us we're actually
seeing disruption on our production systems because of this bug as the
application unexpectedly can't reach the cache and database layers when the
network interface is down and we're hit pretty hard by this because we receive
1M odd requests per day so there's a lot of opportunity for this to happen.)

I did some testing yesterday but I couldn't manage to reproduce the issue on
either 11.2 or 12.0 Beta-1; however, the problem does still exist on the
current 11.2 release because I had a test instance with jails on it that I was
building our application stack in it (it's a convoluted stack with a lot of
files being uploaded to S3 as part of the build) and I'd been having issues
with it rebooting but yesterday it failed on startup as it wanted to drop into
single user mode due to a UFS checksum issue.  Obviously this isn't possible on
AWS as you don't get console access so this instance had to be written off.

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