bhyve win-guest benchmark comparing

Harry Schmalzbauer freebsd at
Tue Oct 30 09:21:26 UTC 2018

Am 30.10.2018 um 02:09 schrieb Dustin Marquess:
> It would be interesting to test running it under Xen with FreeBSD as the 
> dom0.

ACK, so do I think. This was on my to-check list, but had to be 
postponed until the next HV project legitimates another test setup ;-)
Unfortunately I don't know much about Xen – next to nothing usage wise. 
The machine must go into production this weekend, so I replaced one of 
it's 2308(IT/IR) by a 2208(MegaRAID) and FreeBSD will run as guest, 
utilizing ESXi's pciPassthrough driver for the LynxPoint AHCI, the 
LSI2308 and the ql2464 (or 82576) – like I'm doing for almost a decade 
now.  This setup provides by far the highest resource efficiency for 
such single socket systems (along with much higher single thread guest 
performance compared to linear priced dual socket servers – since 
sc-Xeons gold-6x you can achive the same guest single thread performance 
also with a dual socket system, but price is exponential...).  My boss 
doesn't give me money and/or time to do all the nice stuff possible (I 
simply don't have it) ;-)
SR-IOV should improve resource efficiency a lot for bhyve.  Also curious 
how it competes in that scenario with ESXi!  If I have accees to SR-IOV 
capabale hardware package I'll repeat the current test prior to the Xen 
comparison.  Hopefully both will happen sooner than later.
Perhaps somebody else has Xen test Seup running?
I could provide the benchmark tools/configs – or even the image, since 
the OS-SSDs I used are not erased yet.

But much more interesting was if somebody could describe/explain the 
It's not about optimization here, but I'll see what dtrace can tell me. 
Actually, the whole code is much too complex for me to understand why it 
is what it is and I won't be able to contribute :-(  But I still have 
one bhyve setup running in my own office (where all important services 
are running on the host itself, in jails). Only one (win) guest produces 
minimal load and performance isn't of any importance.  This is with 
stable/11, and I never saw "stuttering" RDP sessions, So my feeling is 
that virtio-net suffers from additional problems in 12... But I won't be 
able to compare, I just confirmed myself that bhyve:virtio-net in 12 
isn't really usable in it's current state.
I'm wondering if somebody else has 11 _and_ 12 running with byhve guests 
which use virtio-net.  Can't imagine it's working for anybody, since 
even transfer rates via DSL lines lead to very high CPU load.


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