Network identification problem with Windows 10 on bhyve

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Fri Oct 26 07:45:46 UTC 2018


I've got a FreeBSD 11.2/amd64 + vm-bhyve + Windows 10 pro.
I'm building the network bridge statically, i.e., I have the following 
in /etc/rc.conf:
> cloned_interfaces="bridge0 tap0"
> ifconfig_bridge0="up addm igb0"

I'm using virtio network drivers and I'm also fixing the MAC address; 
i.e. I have the following in /zroot/vm/win10/win10.conf:
> network0_type="virtio-net"
> network0_switch="public"
> network0_mac="58:9c:fc:00:11:65"
> network0_device="tap0"

The Windows machine is connected to an AD domain.

Every time I reboot the server, Windows will think it is in a new 
network: connecting to the box via RDP, a message will pop up asking me 
whether I want the machine to be discoverable on "Network 1".
Next time I reboot and connect via RDP, it will ask about "Network 2"; 
then "Network 3" and so on.

This has the unpleasant consequence that some services won't run (or 
actually will run, but won't be reachable) between a reboot and me 
manually connecting.

Is anyone else seeing this? Know how to solve?

  bye & Thanks

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