[Bug 231117] I/O lockups inside bhyve vms

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Sun Oct 7 10:08:17 UTC 2018


--- Comment #6 from Kristian K. Christensen <kkc at duckpond.dk> ---
So, after a bit of testing, regretably a fair amount of it in production:

It would seem that boosting vnodes helped initially, though eventually it
didn't matter. Some systems run without problems, it seems the more memory, the
more stable. I have no conclusive evidence of this though. Others seem to die
increasingly frequently over time. Eventually getting to the point where the
system is inresponsive about 30 minutes after last forced reboot. Based on
this, I have a hard time figuring out if it's related to the other issue. As I
am unable to log in, once the condition occurs, getting any sort of debug
output is tricky as well.

Downgrading to 11.1 fixes the issue. I'll stay here for a bit, wait for #229614
to get resolved and ported to 11.2, after which I'll give it another go.

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