Regarding Bhyve emulation Instructions

Sudhanshu Saurav sudh.cse at
Sat May 26 12:46:33 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone!

I am Sudhanshu Saurav from NIT Durgapur doing a project verification of
bhyve emulation instructions using Intel XED tool for FreeBSD in Gsoc 2k18.
I read the examples and documentation of Intel XED but still, I am facing
very much difficulties in writing a Test harness for these Instructions.
Actually what I understood till now
this is all the Instructions present on this link are needs to be verified
by XED but Decoder of XED is taking bytes in the range from 1-15 for decode
the Instructions and I think for these all instructions I have to use the
only decoder of XED.

please help me in emulating these Instructions with XED or any sort of help
is really very helpful for me.
you will guide me only for writing a Test harness for just one Instruction
and verify using XED rest for all the Instructions I will do on my own.


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