Ryzen lockup on bhyve was (Re: new Ryzen lockup issue ?)

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Thu Mar 1 13:00:24 UTC 2018

On 2/27/2018 6:30 PM, Peter Grehan wrote:
>  i.e. for a configuration that will lock up, run the same configuration
> but with vCPUs pinned. For example, a 4 vCPU guest that will have vCPUs
> 0-3 pinned to host physical CPUs 7-10 would look like:
>  -c 4 -p 0:7 -p 1:8 -p 2:9 -p 3:10
Hi Peter,
	On the Epyc it seemed to take a longer, but eventually the box locked
up and the watchdog ended up rebooting the server. I started 3, vCPU
guests all with separate CPU's pinned. It lasted 9hrs.


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