Migrate from real server to virtual

Rodney W. Grimes freebsd-rwg at pdx.rh.CN85.dnsmgr.net
Wed Feb 28 14:31:05 UTC 2018

>  --- Original message ---
>  From: "Peter Grehan" <grehan at freebsd.org>
>  Date: 27 February 2018, 20:40:52
> > > But I think the bigger problem is that this is an MBR disk
> > > with Windows 7 in it, I
> > > do not believe that bhyve can run Windows 7 at this time.

So let me correct that statement with the new information.
I do not believe that bhyve can run an MBR Windows 7 install
at this time, as that would indicated the install is not UEFI
bootable, and we can only boot Windows 7 64 bit in EFI mode.

> > 
> > Bhyve has been able to run Win7 since 2015, though x64 only and in 
> > UEFI mode.
> > 
> Yes, Windows 7 is from the same "brunch" as Windows 2008. And I
> think my problem is that hardware server has been installed
> without UEFI, just in Legacy mode.
> So, in this situation it is unable run this server in Bihyve with UEFI.
> Am I right?

Yes, I do believe that is the correct conclusion to your current situation.
The other part that could be at issue here is if this is a 32bit or 64bit
version of windows.  As Peter stated only 64 bit windows in UEFI mode.

It might be possible to create a shim drive that has the Windows UEFI boot
code on it, and set that shim drive up to load the copy of windows from
your image file.

This would be a experiment that might lead to a booting VM.
It may also be possible to remove the legacy bootmgr files
from the disk0.img and add the needed uefi files, I gave
some commands in a prior email that would allow you to mount
this disk on the FreeBSD system to facilitate this type of

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