Migrate from real server to virtual

Rodney W. Grimes freebsd-rwg at pdx.rh.CN85.dnsmgr.net
Mon Feb 26 14:17:39 UTC 2018

> Hi, colleagues.
> There is a server running with Windows Server 2008 R2 and I am attempting launch this server in virtual environment as a back up. But there is one big problem - I can not shutdown this server.
> My first step was creating a VHD image with help of Disk2vhd. Then a converted this image from VHD to raw image with qemu.
> I don't know boot setting of BIOS.
> With this command I am unable to start the server.
> bhyve -c 2 -s 0,hostbridge -s 3,ahci-hd,/vm/img/disk1.raw -s 4,ahci-cd,/VM/distro/null.iso -s 10,virtio-net,tap1 -s 20,fbuf,tcp=,w=800,h=600,wait -s 21,lpc -l bootrom,/usr/local/share/uefi-firmware/BHYVE_UEFI.fd -m 6G -H -w windows2
> Boot Filed. UEFI Hard Drive
> Any ideas?

You mention how you start it, what are you using to try and stop it?
Also what version of FreeBSD are you running as a host?
Are you saying you can not connect to the vnc on
and tell windows to shutdown?
Or are you saying you connect to that vnc and even though you told
windows to shutdown it fails to do so?

Sorry for all the questions, and no answer,
but it is not clear exactly what your problem is.

Rod Grimes                                                 rgrimes at freebsd.org

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