[Bug 225794] VM images for 12.0-CURRENT have problem with USB 3.0 ports

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freebsd-stable mailing list also has this, indicating an MFC has now caused
this problem in -STABLE:

"VM image for 11.1-STABLE began exhibiting same dislike for USB 3.0
ports as problem reported in PR 225794 for 12.0-CURRENT.

Prior to FreeBSD-11.1-STABLE-amd64-20180215-r329320.vmdk.xz no such
problem was observed."

CAM status 0x44 refers to done_ccb->ccb_h.status per sys/cam/scsi/scsi_da.c,
function dadone().  done_ccb is declared as "union ccb *done_ccb".  Field ccb_h
is likely declared as "struct ccb_hdr ccb_h" (this is commonplace).  Field
status is therefore "u_int32_t status" per sys/cam/scsi/cam_ccb.h, which should
correlate with the cam_status enum per sys/cam/scsi/cam.h.  I had to write a
small program to dump all the enum names and values because the ordering and
mid-struct value assignments result in hard-to-read code.  Text strings come
directly from cam_status_table[] per sys/cam/cam.c, except for QFRZN, which
comes from the .h file itself.

0x04 = CAM_REQ_CMP_ERR = CCB request completed with an error
0x40 = CAM_DEV_QFRZN   = The DEV queue is frozen w/this err

Suggest involving avg@, hselasky@, and emaste@  You will probably be asked to
try older commits to try and narrow down what exact commit broke things.

stable/11 commits:
HEAD commits: http://www.freshbsd.org/?branch=HEAD&project=freebsd

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