bhyve and contention

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Tue Feb 13 17:09:11 UTC 2018

Hello virtualizations,

Please can anyone tell me what happens in the following scenarios:

freebsd-11 server, 5x freebsd-11 guests
The server has 32GB ram installed. it's an i7 so 8 cores. There's 64GB
swap. Each guest that bhyve loads is with m 8192M, so ram is
overcommitted by 6GB.

What happens to the guests and the server? Do either (or both) crash? Or
is there something in bhyve that will make memory allocated on a
best-effort basis?

In the following context, the server is the same but this time all five
guests have -c 4 per guest, so bhyve is asking 12 more cores than that
existing in hardware. Does the guest fail to load, do either guest or
server crash?


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