on bhyve statistics

Fabian Freyer fabian.freyer at physik.tu-berlin.de
Tue Aug 28 14:50:41 UTC 2018

On 8/28/18 3:37 PM, Rodney W. Grimes wrote:
>>>> Currently, bhyve does not expose any of these statistics. All the stats
>>> available through bhyvectl --get-stats seem to be coming from the VMM,
>>> not from the userspace emulation.
>>> That is correct, byhvectl is a diagnostics tool for getting
>> information from the kernel/vmm module.
>> bhyvectl provide stats related to processor vmx/svm from vmm.ko and is the
>> first thing you want to run for performance regression. It will be nice to
>> include it as part of bhyve perf tool/dashboard that you are intended to
>> build.
>  From conversations with Peter Grehan he expressed that bhyvectl is
> purely a diagnostics tool that should not be depended on by any
> other tools.
> If you want to do similiar things you should program to the libvmmapi
> interface, not bhyvectl.

For context, this is *not* what I'm aiming to do. While bhyvectl just 
prints statistics exposed by the VMM through libvmmapi, I'm specifically 
asking about instrumenting the userland part, bhyve.

Also, libvmmapi does have downstream consumers that are not 
bhyve{,ctl,load}, e.g. grub2-bhyve, bhyve-multiboot[1], maybe even 
xhyve[2] - for performance reasons, I'd prefer scraping metrics through 
libvmmapi over shelling out to bhyvectl.

[1] https://github.com/fubarnetes/bhyve-multiboot
[2] https://github.com/mist64/xhyve

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