Query regarding tutorials (Please have a quick read of me!)

Paul Vixie vixie at fsi.io
Sat Aug 25 17:46:10 UTC 2018

On Saturday, August 25, 2018 8:55:05 AM UTC Paul Webster via freebsd-
virtualization wrote:
> ... I personally have:
> Windows Server 2012
> CentOS 6
> Debian
> FreeBSD
> OpenBSD
> and a few other more strange linuxs I believe (got a zpool full of the
> zvols (not named very well ;))) ...

i have no exotic linuxes, but two fairly modern debians. i remain mystified by 
the behaviour of grub-bhyve, which usually fails (no meaningful error message) 
and seems like won't run from /etc/rc.local (must be run from a shell.) so, 
one of my bhyve servers can't restart automatically, and i don't know why. and 
i recently saw that the grub-bhyve package now lacks a maintainer, and may be 

what this means is, a video on running linux in a bhyve would be appreciated.

> anyhow IRC tells me that a lot of users
> have trouble getting windows server working. I know obviously that 2012
> works but I am willing to take a swing at 2016 if people would want that.
> Or would the community benefit more of an example of 2012 (which is much
> lighter)?
> Or perhaps something entirely different, any replies would be more than
> welcome :)

because of the internal container boundaries of windows 10 and server 2016, i 
won't run anything older. so if you're doing a windows server on bhyve video, 
i would want it to be 2016.


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