Curent Centos 7 and bhyve

Matt Churchyard matt.churchyard at
Mon Aug 13 11:14:42 UTC 2018

> Matt Churchyard wrote:

> wired_memory option has been added to next release.

> Thanks a lot, Matt! May I ask a question: how is the "-S" option supposed to work if the loader is not bhyveload, but grub2-bhyve or UEFI?

In 1.2, if "-S" is found in bhyve_options, it adds this argument to the guest loader. This is done before choosing between bhyveload/grub2-bhyve and will be supplied to either.
In 1.3 (GitHub only), which has a new wired_memory option, you will need to use this, as the slightly hacky grep to scan bhyve_options for -S and push this through to the loader has been removed.

As far as I'm aware this is not an issue with UEFI as there is now just a single bhyve process (which gets all of bhyve_options) and no separate loader.


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