[Bug 230402] With buildworld, the system can not use swap

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Sat Aug 11 01:51:21 UTC 2018


--- Comment #7 from Mark Millard <marklmi26-fbsd at yahoo.com> ---
Mark Johnston has indicated that after investigations
in small armv7 and aarch64 examples, such as rpi3's
and rpi2's (V1.1):

I do think the default [vm.pageout_oom_seq] value
is too low and will get that addressed in 12.0.

Mark J. had someone with rpi3 and rpi2 (V1.1)
usage experiment with:

sysctl vm.pageout_oom_seq=120

and things got much farther but it was not
a cure.

While not a cure but it was discovered that
when some other changes were made ("lowering the
pagedaemon sleep period") a fair time ago,
vm.pageout_oom_seq was not rescaled to roughly
match, making OOM kills happen easier.

There are some patches for reporting information
that Mark J. has indicated will likely have some
variant become standard FreeBSD code that could
be enabled without needing patches, targeting
12.0 having such.

The lists have a long history tied to the
investigations on arm. I'll reference the first
Mark Johnston message here:


His messages have most of the technical content
tied to internal evidence his patches produced
and what might be done. (Other folks produced data
from there environments, mostly one person.)

The prior activity does not get much into internal
activity tied to the issue.

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