bhyve passthrough fails

Peter Grehan grehan at
Thu Sep 7 18:05:27 UTC 2017

> I would not mind sending you on-going feedback or debugging information  > if it helps.> > Could it be a chipset issue? This is a lower-end 
laptop. It can do > virtualization, but the passthrough issue seemed to 
fail. I was on > FreeBSD 11.1.
  It may be due to this (and also my issue which was on AMD, may be due 
to a reboot where I didn't enable the iommu). If that is the case, the 
error handling could certainly be improved :(

  You can check to see if there is an IOMMU available by looking for the 
APCI DMAR table:

   acpidump -t | grep DMAR



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