Windows XP and Xen -Mouse Trouble

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at
Sun Sep 3 11:33:28 UTC 2017

Does anyone happen to know what's causing this?

Windows XP original release (i.e. SP zero) is fine (connecting using 
VNC). As soon as you install SP2:

1) Windows Hardware Mangler shows two mice - a PS/2 and a QEMU HID 
compatible one.

2) There's a mystery PCI device.

3) After a few seconds the mouse pointer sticks. If you disable and 
enable the QEMU mouse it comes back for a few (~30) seconds and sticks 
again. (There's no option to disable the PS/2 one). It feels like Plug 
and Pray "finds" it and screws it up again.

4) SP3 doesn't fix it. I haven't tried it with SP1.

Fortunately the keyboard is fine and I'm used to using that for most 
things anyway.

It's bugging me - does anyone know what I need to enable/disable and how?

Thanks, Frank.

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