bhyve /Xen

Peter Grehan grehan at
Sun Jan 15 20:14:34 UTC 2017


> 1)  What do I need to send a bhyve crashing report?

  This list is fine, or you can file a PR against FreeBSD (you need to 
create an account for that,

> Seems that yes 6 Vms are running and are crashing at the same time.
> 2)  Windows 2016 and bhyve
> Why can Widnows 2016 rpc not work with bhyve?

  Can you describe the case that isn't working ? (to get a repro)

> 3)  Bhyve to Xen .
> Is there an easy way to migrate from bhyve to Xen on FreeBSD 11 ?

  You should be able to boot a guest disk image created for bhyve under Xen.



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