Help getting vbox .vdi imares to run under Freenas

Peter Grehan grehan at
Fri Jan 13 02:48:47 UTC 2017

Hi Nils,

> On 2017-01-08 19:04, Peter Grehan wrote:
>> There's some additional info at
>> -
>>> grub> ls (hd0) (cd0) (host) grub> ls (hd0) Device hd0: No known
>>> filesystem detected - Total size 16777216 sectors
>> ... so it looks like grub isn't able to auto-detect the
>> partitions.
> Anything that I can do to debug that?
> doesn't appear very
> active... would runningit under gdb make sense, or are there any
> other diagnostics that you can think of? All the diagnostics I've
> done have said that the image looks good (extracting MBR, looking at
> it with fdisk -l under Linux, etc.) Thanks Nils

  Running it under gdb is probably the best (since it's a curses app, so 
you will have to use the techniques in



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