Issues with GTX960 on CentOS7 using bhyve PCI passthru (FreeBSD 11-RC2)

soralx at soralx at
Thu Jan 12 04:50:36 UTC 2017

> I hope you keep it up or at least figure out what the driver is doing.

Not in my plans at the moment. I prefer AMD GPUs over nV for OpenCL.
nVidia did (and does) serve me well for the last 10 year with their
excellent FreeBSD graphics driver: I had very few problems with it;
it's stable and well documented, and has the performance. Huge thanks
and respect to them for that [I just bought another low-end nVidia
card for my home computer].

But times a-changin'. We have things like OpenCL and virtualization
these days that are of interest and available to everyone (not just
the "professionals").

> If they haven't explicitly put in the license terms that virtualization
> is forbidden for consumer cards, there's nothing wrong with hot
> patching the driver ...

Why do you care about some license? It's your card, your computer,
so you're free to do what _you_ want with it. How can one "forbid"
virtualization? It's impossible. Only way is to design hardware and
firmware that is not amenable to VT -- but nobody would do that

> assuming that they don't do things like Skype
> does where it repeatedly checksums the memory image.

There are ways around things. But it is easier to buy AMD than to
fight someone's stupidity or incompetence.
> Good hunting.
> -M

[SorAlx]  ridin' VN2000 Classic LT

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