Booting 9front on bhyve

Trent Thompson trentnthompson at
Mon Jan 9 03:10:15 UTC 2017

Thanks to work from Peter G, bhyve has been patched[1] to fix the PS/2
mouse issue in 9front. With this fixed, I was able to get 9front installed
and running from a bhyve virtual machine using virtio-blk emulation.  I was
even able to set up networking[2] with virtio-net. Using ahci-hd and Intel
1000 emulation did not work for me. I'd also like to note that I had better
success with partitioning the virtual hard drive as MBR in the installer,
over GPT. I have heard of GPT working for some people, though. I uploaded a
simple script to Gist[3] that I used to get this done, but as long as you
use Virtio drivers you should be fine.


Happy Hacking!

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