Providing serial consoles to multiple bhyve guests

Harald Schmalzbauer harry at
Fri Feb 17 12:41:25 UTC 2017

 Bezüglich C. L. Martinez's Nachricht vom 17.02.2017 09:50 (localtime):
> Hi all,
>  How can I use more than one serial console for several bhyve guests? According to nmdm(4) man page only two nullmodem devices can be created: nmdm0A and nmdm0B (and only nmdm0A can be assigned to one bhyve guest). Then, how can I access to these bhyve guests?

Am I wrong if I assume you confused the A/B hard-connected limit of two
interfaces with the possibility to create nmdmN[AB] number of nmdm(4)
Simply use nmdm1A/B, nmdm2A/B etc.
Not sure if I got the question rigth, answers from others don't go into
that direction...

>  I have tried to add vnc channel, but it doesn't works ..:(

I haven't had VNC problems besides keymapping. It's done twice and I
haven't found a way or a client to disable keymapping locally on a
session basis.
Have you used the "wait" option for fbuf? Did the vm start to run after
VNC connection attempt?



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