[Bug 211746] [Hyper-V] UEFI VM can't boot from the iso installation disk

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--- Comment #11 from Dexuan Cui <decui at microsoft.com> ---
(In reply to Dexuan Cui from comment #9)

In efi_copy_finish(), I added the below new line 

        while (src < last) {
+               printf("trying to write: %lx(%p) to %lx(%p)\n", *src, src,
*dst, dst);
                *dst++ = *src++;

and got the below log

trying to write: 0(0xf653dfb0) to 0(0x2f72fb0)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dfb8) to 0(0x2f72fb8)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dfc0) to 0(0x2f72fc0)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dfc8) to 0(0x2f72fc8)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dfd0) to 0(0x2f72fd0)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dfd8) to 0(0x2f72fd8)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dfe0) to 0(0x2f72fe0)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dfe8) to 0(0x2f72fe8)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dff0) to 0(0x2f72ff0)
trying to write: 0(0xf653dff8) to 0(0x2f72ff8)
trying to write: 0(0xf653e000) to 2f74023(0x2f73000)

This means the crash happened when dst==0x2f73000, i.e. the first 8-bytes of
the BootServicesData. I suspect Hyper-V has a mechanism to mark the range of
memory as read-only.

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