Installing Freebsd guests under bhyve without using scripts

Anish Gupta akgupt3 at
Mon Feb 13 23:47:37 UTC 2017

Yes, you need bhyveload to load guest OS, setup hypervisor 
nested{EPT/NPT] page table etc, see

  ${LOADER} -c ${console} -m ${memsize} -d ${BOOTDISK} ${loader_opt} \


and then use 'bhyve' to start  and run guest/VM.

     ${FBSDRUN} -c ${cpus} -m ${memsize} ${apic_opt} -A -H -P    \
         -g ${gdbport}                        \
         -s 0:0,hostbridge                    \
         -s 1:0,lpc                        \
         ${devargs}                        \
         -l com1,${console}                    \
         ${installer_opt}                    \


Of course ${memsize}, ${vmname} etc must match between bhyveload and bhyve.


On 2/13/17 1:29 PM, C. L. Martinez wrote:
> Hi all,
> What are the steps to install freebsd guests under bhyve without using
> iocage, vm-bhyve or
>   Do I need to use first bhyveload and after bhyve -A -c 1 -u, etc??
> Thanks.
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