[Bug 216493] [Hyper-V] Mellanox ConnectX-3 VF driver can't work when FreeBSD runs on Hyper-V 2016

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hselasky committed the 2 patches (D8867, D8868) into the HEAD last Friday.

Issue 1: No update.

Issue 2: 
Actually Linux version of the driver has the same (similar?) issue and I
reported it here:

Some people suspected that it failed to allocate a UAR, but after we increased
LOG_BAR_SIZE with mlxconfig from 3 (8MB) to 5 (32MB), the issue was still

We'll continue to work on this.

Issue 3: No update.

Issue 4: 
It looks this may be a host side issue. on Live Migration, the host just
removes the VF from the guest by force suddenly. Working on this. 
But meanwhile, the VF driver should be improved to be more robust to cope with
this scenario.

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