Trent Thompson trentnthompson at
Sun Feb 5 18:33:20 UTC 2017


>have my macOS built-in VNC client working with bhyve (right now, only
TigerVNC works)

If I recall, this is due to null authentication from bhyve fbuf. There does
seem to be a patch in phabricator to add simple authentication to bhyve,
I'm sure they'd love some testing!

>get a vm going with macOS Server with Clover EFI

I've tried a few different things with this. In some cases I got it to hang
on the Apple loading screen, and in some other cases I got a little bit of
kernel output during boot before bhyve crashing. When I did get errors,
they were usually with the "3rd party kexts" like "FakeSMC.kext" and the

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